Worship Times.

As culture changes and the look of our congregations change it shouldn’t be a large surprise that service times have been adapting to new realities. Below is an article on the recent trends in worship times. I have been part of adjusting worship times 3 different times and it is not a process that I enjoyed, but did for the growth of the church. When you change times, it can appear as a non win situation because the current congregation can think of it in the terms of “what works best for me?” vs. “what will work best for those that do not have a church home?” When we evaluate decisions in the myopic of “my needs”, no decision will ever look good because there is a different opinion for every set of “my needs”. I don’t have any attention of changes worship times in the calendar year of 2017.

However, read the study and think of how it fits into the Hillsboro region. If we take our own needs out of the equation, what would the best answer look like at Hillsboro UMC? It isn’t the time to change yet and it isn’t the time to dig in our heels on change. It time to collect knowledge and pray for guidance. Will you pray with me?


Seven Trends in Worship Service Times