Where has the mystery gone?

The linked article from the Pastor of Resurrection Downtown in KC talks about cultivating an environment for Emerging Generations. This is a good article to read. Within the article, I am especially intrigued with the fourth item: Mystery.

The need for wanting to be part of something bigger than ourselves has long been a desire for all generations. I think it is one of the appeals of being a sports fan, for example. For the church, peoples desire to belong to something bigger and more mysterious should be a strength for us. An easy appeal that we provide to those curious about God and Christ. But can we allow space where God and the Holy Spirit are actively seen and felt? Sometimes this is as simple as celebrating communion or utilizing silent prayer. Other times, we may have to more intentional about creating the optimal space. What is the best feel, sights, smells and atmosphere for Traditional Worship? (there is so much history that traditional worship can tap into) What are these things for our youth and children? What about our adult spaces and our modern worship space?

While we are not conjurers of the Holy Spirit, we can do things that distract and things that attract. So as we think about gaining the proper focus for Making New Disciples in the Name of Christ, and what that means for our church in our community; we will need to thinking about the effective utilization of our physical and spiritual spaces. If we fail in our focus, as Rev. Scott Chrostek says in the article; people “leave feeling as though the church doesn’t want them there in the hope that they could meet God; they feel, instead, that the church actually wants them there to help grow the church. 

As we begin digging deeper into all we do, let us remember to allow for the Holy Spirit to lead us into fruitful missions and ministries. For now, please begin praying for God’s guidance for Hillsboro UMC.