The idea of creative ideas

Yesterday I was watching the TED Talk from the pop group Ok Go! They are known for their creative and complicated music videos. They were talking about the creative process and how they invest 1/3 of their time and resources discovering the idea vs making sure they have a foolproof outcome.

Check out the talk Here.

As churches with at times very limited resources we tend to withhold resources until we can predict success, which in the end means we are not creating new ideas but merely recycling old ones that have a predicted outcome. Also, we have gotten ourselves in a loop of stagnation because failure is seen as a lack of proper stewardship. If we use resources and the what we do and discover doesn’t produce fruit we subject to negative judgement.

I want our church  to move into an atmosphere of embracing failure so we can find real success. Success is reaching new disciples. Success is engaging the community in a way that creates a lasting positive change. Success is not merely surviving and living in fear.

Our theology says our God is a God of abundance. So let’s stop managing as if our God is a God of scarcity. We can do this together. But it will take some bold steps and it may make us nervous. Those emotions are fine and normal for all of us.

Yet they cannot hold us back. They cannot be our excuse to ignore the teachings of Christ. I hope and pray in the coming months and years we begin to re-image all that God can do through each of us via The Holy Spirit.