Passing the Baton

The itinerant system within the United Methodist Church makes for an awkward time for many. For me, managing a staff that knows within just a few weeks I will no longer be with them, yet continuing to move my current church forward can be awkward. Working with a Sr. Pastor without being able to be working on issues for 6 months to a year, like we are used to, is also awkward. Seeing and hearing  greetings of the new pastors that are coming to take my place is odd at times as well.

Yet through all these things I have the blessing of lots of grace along with tearful hugs and handshakes of good-bye. At the same time I get wonderful notes of anticipation and excitement from the congregation in Hillsboro that translates into my excitement for this transition.  There are many wonderful moments that will continue to unfold within the next month until I arrive in Hillsboro and I ask for prayers for all my friends from First UMC, my family and my anticpated new friends at Hillsboro UMC.